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Getting Pregnant - The Basics
 By Jonas Lee

Getting pregnant is as spontaneous as an annual vacation for some women. But in today's stressful, hectic lifestyle, there are many women and couples facing the agony of trying to get pregnant.

While there are many ways to deal with the problems underlying infertility or inability to become pregnant despite countless attempts of trying, there are important areas which every couple planning to have a child should work on to get things as proper as possible. Here we will consider the following areas which are very important if getting pregnant is the objective.

1. Get rid of alcohol and smoking.

Alcohol and cigarette are poisons to your body and health. There are tons and tons of research and literature on the toxic effects of alcohol and cigarette on our health. Stop drinking and stop smoking if you want to tune back your health so that you will have healthy baby. If you really cannot stop these nasty habits, the least you can do is to reduce intake. But, bear in mind that even if drinking only a small amount of alcohol will also drastically reduce sperm count for the men. Furthermore, alcohol is an obstacle for your body to absorb minerals and vitamins important for getting pregnant. Worse, it can damage the unborn baby and cause miscarriage. Smoking will reduce your fertility level for both men and women. There are thousands of toxins in the cigarettes that can end up in your unborn baby, affecting the baby's health after birth and even his or her ability to live. Smoking can also cause premature birth of the baby.

2. Work on your diet

Nutrition and food are of paramount importance to health and ultimately to the process of getting pregnant. For the women, the womb's health is greatly affected by nutrition, particularly vitamins and minerals. We often hear of miscarriages and inability of the fetus to stay attached. These are the outcome of improper nutrition in one's diet leading to unhealthy womb and reproductive system. Analyze and see what is missing in your diet required for a healthy body ready to conceive. If you are serious about this, consult a nutritionist or dietitian to get the best results.

3. Exercise regularly

The benefits of regular exercise can never be over emphasized. Exercise is a great stress buster. Exercise can also trigger the production of certain essential hormones. However, both men and women should avoid strenuous exercise program that gears towards fitness. Such program can reduce the fertility level. Regular non-strenuous exercise can benefit not only fertility health but also the health of both the men and women.

4. Know when the egg appears.

You can have lots of sex all day long but if you do it at the wrong time, nothing is going to happen. All you are doing is exhaust your energy from having too much sex. For the women, you need to know your cycle well. Know when you ovulate or the time your eggs come out. The men can have loads of healthy vibrant sperms but when there is no eggs around, the sperms will simply swim to death. There are plenty of information on how to chart your ovulation period. Get your chart out if you are serious about getting pregnant.

5. Have sex for each other, not for making baby.

This sounds so conflicting but it will work. Taking the mental pressure of trying to conceive will ease your tension and will make your body more conducive for the better functioning of your body, including your reproductive system. Many, many couples have discovered this works better than any treatment you can get from the specialist and pregnancy doctors. Enjoy each other and the intimacy that cal also strengthen your relationship with each other. This is also the most economical way to get pregnant, especially if you have been considering medical procedures to induce pregnancy.

The above pointers or areas are a good starting point for both your health and the ability to get pregnant. The ability to get pregnant is part of your natural body. Due to whatever reasons in the past, that ability to conceive is weakened in many of us, especially if we have been living a stressful life and daily schedule. Work on your health to get back that natural fertility of yours. In the long run, not only will you get conceived, you will also be healthier.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jonas_Lee

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